Hi. My name is Paul Ocepek (o-sep-ik) and I'm the
founder and designer behind the Modern Moose® brand.
Apparently I've been following this creative muse for a while now. 
From high school art classes to my college degree in industrial
design, I've always had a burning desire to draw and make things.
Fast forward through a corporate and consultant product design career
and here I am - standing in a pile of sawdust holding a wood monkey in
one hand and a pencil in the other.
I'm not sure what this all means but it's fun. And that's what we do at
Modern Moose, we make fun stuff. Right here in Massachusetts.
We're a tiny business trying to do big things In a world of 
mass produced imported goods. It ain't easy but we love it.
I appreciate you paying us a visit, your support is the reason we get to
make more sawdust.
Thank you.


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